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Kain Highwind
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July 2006
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Kain Highwind [userpic]
Kratos and I could totally take over the world if we joined forces.

So I beat Tales of Symphonia yesterday after kicking Riku's ass. THAT'S RIGHT. I WOULD HAVE WON IF THOSE DAMN COPS HADN'T SHOWN UP RIKU, AND YOU KNOW IT.

Anyway, Kratos is one badass dude. Not as awesome as me, but still pretty damn awesome. Good thing he isn't real. If both of us ended up within five hundred feet of each other, the world would explode at least nine times from an awesome overload.

I want wings dammit.

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

This Kratos guy sounds pretty cool. :D Is he the King of Awesome Land?

If he's awesome, then Mario must be whatever comes after awesome or just too awesome to be awesome or something like that. But the King of All Cosmos owns everything!

Steal that Riku guy's wings? D: IT'D BE LIKE A DOUBLE PWN OVERDOSE!

No, I'm the King of Awesome Land. But he would be, like, right after me. :D

DUDE. GOOD IDEA. :D! *high fives*

What about Sephiroth's wing? Or would you be too chicken to try?

No way am I too chicken to try! I'll rip that ring right off of his back!


I bid you the fondest good luck with that.

Maybe just a little