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Kain Highwind
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So I beat Tales of Symphonia yesterday after kicking Riku's ass. THAT'S RIGHT. I WOULD HAVE WON IF THOSE DAMN COPS HADN'T SHOWN UP RIKU, AND YOU KNOW IT.

Anyway, Kratos is one badass dude. Not as awesome as me, but still pretty damn awesome. Good thing he isn't real. If both of us ended up within five hundred feet of each other, the world would explode at least nine times from an awesome overload.

I want wings dammit.

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Can't say I'm too surprised. 83

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Your Kingdom Hearts Wedding...are you afraid yet?
Ideal KH husband/wife...
The Bride/Groom... Riku...very very jealous!!
The flowergirl... Yuffie
The musical entertainment... Ansem trying to sing "I will survive"
The minister... Cloud
The person who objects... Sephiroth
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Oh baby. ;D

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